Looking Back on the Daily Show

As the Daily Show’s 16 year run with Jon Stewart at the helm quickly comes to a close, I cannot help but think about the role it has played in our society. Behind the show’s over-the-top comedic exterior has existed a core of serious socio-political discourse.

As we’ve discussed in several of my COM 101 and 495 courses, programs in this genre are very effective at engaging people because they exist at the crossroads where substance and spectacle meet, something that is quite frankly, not too common. They get us to think about serious issues in the world while giving us a good laugh. And while The Daily Show hasn’t been shy to admit its slight liberal bias, it has often backed up its claims with sound logic and hard evidence (unlike several major news networks who will go unnamed).

Below are a couple of my favorite clips from the past several years.




Thanks for nearly two decades of comedic news Mr. Stewart, you will be missed.