Shifting Gears

After a lengthy hiatus and some time spent thinking over the purpose of this blog, I have decided to shift gears with the type of content I post. To be frank, some of my entries were a bit too eclectic and lacked the passion needed to keep something like this going. So when I began to rethink things, I asked myself, what am I passionate about? What do I like to share and discuss with people? What do I always bring up to friends, family, and co-workers? The answer, it turns out, was too obvious. PODCASTS!

So moving forward, the majority of my entries will be links to podcasts from a variety of sources, radio stories that I feel are important to share because they are informative, fascinating, or simply entertaining. If at any point you find these posts to be useful, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!

I still plan on posting the occasional art entry or rant. As far as the game reviews go, a small group of friends and I are launching a podcast and site called “Down+B.” Check it out sometime and let us know what you think.

Finally, I wanted to send a special thanks to everyone who has spent their valuable time in my little corner of the Internet, and for those of you who continue to do so!